Krishna Janmashtami is one of the most important festivals celebrated all over India and the world by Indians. It commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna – one of the favourite Gods of most people in India.

There is something about Lord Krishna which makes him the most loved and followed deity among Indians. He is also known as the complete incarnation of Vishnu as he represents the perfect form of human life.

In India, the region of Maharashtra witnesses the most active and popular Janmashtami celebrations. There are hanging earthen pots (handi) full of milk, curd, fruits, or buttermilk (dahi) at various locations in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Different groups of people participate in this competition by forming a human pyramid to reach the top and break the earthen pots. Once a person at the top of the pyramid breaks the earthen pot, the contents fall on the human pyramid.






Sri Krishna Laddu Gopal Birthday – Janmashtami

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