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Find the best idea for season gifts. We carry thousands of unique gifts, from fun & cool accessories to creative home décor and kitchen items and all festive

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Myseasonstore is extremely delighted and takes immense pleasure in announcing the easiest but thrilling game bought to you by us – Khelo and Jeeto, the famous ‘spin the wheel’ game.
Well, you might think what so exciting about it for its mere luck! Right? But folks here is the twist in the game. It is a sure win!!
Yes! Buddies you heard it right. Up to 50000 offers are available. Spin the best one for you.



Excited? So here is the simplest deal that you need in to hit the game!
  • You need to click on “Let’s Play” Button
  • Enter your name and email on the screen – This is to ensure that you are a human no robot! Yeah, artificial intelligence seems to tickle now a day in some situations. Anyways!
  • Now comes the crucial part. Once you have submitted your email id, you are ready to play the game after it gets verified.
  • Check your inbox you will receive the prize on your email.
Look! I told you it’s simple.
What does the fortune wheels have for you?
  • There are up to 50000 Offers
  • So, you get a great discount deal on your spin. Win-Win ;)
  • And if you have got the fortune cookie today then hit the jackpot – It’s a free product for you dear.
Good News

Every spin is a guaranteed win as mentioned before.


  • You get a limited number of attempts
  • There will only be one winner per user.
  • Myseasonstore reserves the right to cancel prizes if there is a malfunction or fraud!
Hey, Wait! All these are cool. But how do I confirm my win?
  • after each spin system generates a discount
  • Wherever the wheel stops, it decides the discount you can avail on the entire store. A free product is the jackpot of the game.
  • Get your email address right for you received the code in your mailbox. Star it if you if your reflexes are strong.







The Spin Wheel Game requires you to Gear up with?

If you are struggling with spinning the wheel then take care if

  • If it says Facebook at the top of the browser then exit. Do not use the Facebook browser.
  • Internet speed
  • Age of your device
  • Myseasonstore site link in Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer
  • Use your device that is updated 100%
  • Use updated browser
  • Proper internet connection
Alert! Alert!
  • The spinning part of the wheel is just for fun! It’s the message that pops up the wheel that dictates your real win.
  • Spin the wheel for a great win and earn not only coupons but eye touching smile! And share this message with your buddies you believe in ‘what goes around comes around’. Spread joy to receive the same!
  • Great luck!